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Council & Diaconate
The Servant Leaders of our church.


Dating back to the early church (Acts 15), the Church Council is a group of clergy and parishioners who oversee their respective areas of church stewardship.  Much like the Council in Acts, the Church Council meets to discuss and oversee important issues relating to the church body as a whole.  This group of servant-leaders meets once a month, and acts as the governing body of the church, making decisions via democratic procedure.


Dating back to the early church (Acts 6), the Diaconate is a group of servant-leader parishioners tasked with fulfilling ecclesial duties to which clergy cannot tend.  Many of these duties include overseeing the procedure of church services, changing parchments and other symbolic decor, preparing communion, and other tasks.  This is a vital office of the church which undertakes a very hallowed mission with biblical precedence.

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