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Our Mission Focus

Morgan Scott


Morgan Ministries (RAMM) is a church-based organization that exists to help our neighbors in time of need. Their goal is to help ease the financial burden of individuals and families who have temporarily fallen on hard times and to help find long-term assistance as necessary.

They help with food, clothing, rent & utilities, light auto repair & home repair. 



One Great Hour of Sharing

February - March

OGHS is an ecumenical service project, aimed at raising funds for those who are in places of poverty, hunger, sickness, conflict. emergency and natural disaster. 

For more information, please visit > Menu > Missions and
Outreach > scroll down to One Great Hour of Sharing.”


July - August

RAMM's goal is to help families in the Ross Local School District that have temporarily fallen on hard times. We provide resources such as food, pet food, personal care items, backpacks, school supplies, clothing, household items and rent and utility assistance.

PO Box 41, Ross OH 45061

(513) 212-7950


September - October

JEE Foods is a nonprofit organization, powered by high school students. We strive to end hunger, food waste, and poverty through food rescue. While our team is committed to addressing the need of those who are hungry, we aim to take on the core factors in which these problems are rooted, to create sustainable change.

+1 (513) 549-6990

Bunker Hill

November - December

Bunker Hill Haven for Boys is to provide safe, non-secured, residential living facilities and an appropriate individualized treatment program for eighteen boys, ages 12 - 18, from Butler County, Ohio, who are abused, neglected, dependent, pre-delinquent, status offenders, or adjudicated of non-violent offenses, and who it has been deemed by the proper authority require out of home care.

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