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There is something elemental & essential about the Christian faith whereby our Founder, Jesus, calls us to share our faith in Him with others. Can one really be a Christian without sharing the Truth that 'Jesus is Lord' with others? What Jesus knew is that to meet Him is to be changed forever. Traditionally, the Church has called this 'The Great Commission,' i.e. at the conclusion of Jesus' earthly ministry in Matthew, chapter 28, He commissioned His followers to do just as He did:  to reach the least and the lost; the proud and the arrogant; the weary and the confused. The message of Jesus Christ brings hope to the hopeless and healing to those that are broken in body, mind or spirit. Ephesians 2:17 declares, He came and preached peace to you who were far off and peace to those who were near. Our Lord's message is that only in Him can one genuinely experience true peace, power and love. The Church, then, seeks to bring God's message of transformation and reconciliation to individuals,       communities, and cultures. 

Please use this section of our website to learn how Shandon Church is reaching out to others in fulfillment of Our Lord's Great Commission. Here you will find us engaged in God's work both globally and locally; around the corner and around the world. When and where possible, we work with our partner churches in the NACCC for causes that we feel passionate about and that will create a lasting impact on the people and cultures of our neighborhoods and world. Ours is a giving congregation because that's what Jesus taught His followers to obediently do:  give! Above all, we ask you to pray for our congregation as it reaches out to others. Reaching out and prayer always go hand in hand. We also ask you to pray about partnering with us in the audacious task of sharing the Good News with a world that desperately needs to experience His Love. "O, Lord, help us to be the difference that you ask us to be in this world and for Your Glory. Amen."  

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