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Harvest Auction

Our Annual Harvest Auction

On the scond Monday in October we hold annual Harvest Auction at the Community House. Traditionally, pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, unusual gourds, plants & flowers, fall decorations, handmade craft items, and delicious baked goods are donated by church members & friends, and are auctioned off. One Hundred percent of the proceeds from the auction are donated to local ministries. Bunker Hill Boys Farm & Matthew 25 Ministries are examples of ministries that receive the proceeds. In 2019, we raised over $2,300.  It is a great time of fun and fellowship for the whole church & the community. 

The Sunday before the auction is held is designated as Harvest Sunday. Items to be auctioned are used to decorate the sanctuary, and we are reminded of God's blessings and bounty in our lives! 

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